Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here is the final I turned in today for a concept art class this quarter, done digitally. Its based off an idea I developed called "Sleepless". Obviously, its based in Seattle and the story goes that a big corporation scientifically engineers the perfect coffee bean. Its a smashing success yet they are unaware of the long term affects and so people who continue to consume it turn into mindless, hyper-insane zombies. The coffee zombies gain control of all the hundreds of factories around the world becoming more crazy while at the same time, they develope a thirst for a most tasty blend of their blessed coffee mixed with human blood. Just a fun idea I thought might make an interesting game.


Nelson Izquierdo said...

i <3 coffee zombies. It sounds like a very fun idea. I like mood you set in your drawing Ben, great stuff!

MassaEffect said...

Left For Dead with coffee mmmmmm yummy and more addictive then the originall :P