Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Final five shots turned in for DWIII

Making the first cut I had to meet specific requirements such as poly count, using 3 point lighting, making the character appropriate for the story, being involved in my clan and having all five shots a certain way turned in at the posted deadline. I used Zbrush 3.1 to create the normal map, pose the character and also did all the texturing which were all then transfered into 3ds max 9.

Online competition "Dominance War III"

A couple fellow students and I joined the online 3d character competion now in its 3rd year called Dominance War. I made the initial cut of about 360 out of 1500 to 2000 entries and am awaiting the judging process to see where I stand in the end. The judges are some of the top artists and professionals in the industry and is watched by many leading companies. Shown is the initial 2d concept and the final sculpt and pose done in Zbrush.

Zbrush used to make normal maps for projects "Tears of Blood" and "To Hell & Back III"

I modeled, UV unwrapped, sculpted, and textured this character and the cobra. Tears of Blood is a game that takes place in Morrocco about a small town overtaken by evil spirits possessing the citizens.
My good friend Nelson also on the two projects, provided the original model which I took into Zbrush to create the normal map for this firefighter helmet.

Tears of Blood is an honors class project and To Hell and Back III is a firefighter simulation game now in production soon to be released for fire stations nation wide. I did a lot of work on the 3d characters but mainly worked a great deal on the design, writing the majority of the script and creating the fictional characters aside from the real life characters used in the game.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First character models done using Zbrush 3.1

Object modeling assignment -BMW M3

Another early character, "Alien Samurai"

My brother Josh came up with the name of this character and I then created the visual representation you see.

Early character assignment -quadreped

First charcter, modeled and rigged in 3ds max and textured in Bodypaint 3d

My brother DJ came up this character's name and I then created the 3d concept.

More digital paintings

Concept for honors project "Tears of Blood"
"A.I. Nightmare"
"Death around the corner"

Final for short story class, comic book "Meteor Knight".