Monday, November 10, 2008


Another Image comics character, the beautiful, the deadly, the Witchblade! Created by one of my top favorite comic artists Michael Turner, I tried my best to construct the model from his early issues and costume design. This was actually started quite a while ago and remains a work in progress. As you may see, this is a panel which will be included in my final portfolio book.


eric j valdes said...

yo b this is quite amazing bro. the only thing that is bothering me and i could deffinetly be wrong.. is that the texture of her face is not really matching the color of the entire body. hey it'll be kinda sexy to show a bit of her nipples dont you think hahaha.. looking forward more updates man.. piss out lol

spokenleaf said...

very nice bro, she is hot!!!

MassaEffect said...

Oh shit, Witchblade! Very Hot Benj, you do great female models!