Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Creature final...for now.

Not totally satisfied with this one, still a little awkward in places. Don't know when but I want to go back and really refine it and add more accessories. Identity unknown still, I guess you can call him...man-bear-pig!


Nelson Izquierdo said...
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Nelson Izquierdo said...

Looking awesome ben! Spot on anatomy and great detailing! About your issue, I would go back and work on the hands and feet some more. Maybe inspiration will hit you while working on those things. Great job man! Keep the posts coming!

eric j valdes said...

badass man.. you know what would be cool too. if you start adding some deformations to some parts and shit. i think that would make it fucking interesting and it'll be fun too.he is looking too human for a man-bear-pig lol. overall hell of nice job on the human anatomy. i wanna see more more. keep posting boiiii.